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Whether you are traveling for a project, last minute business, relocation or even a family vacation, an extended stay in an executive suite offers a relaxing and peaceful place to crash after a long day. Choose an executive suite rental and you'll feel like a resident rather than a traveler in this comfortable, clean, and affordable alternative to a hotel room. Enjoy the Suite Life

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Five minute drive from Kigali International Airport through Gishushu to Rwanda kigali Development Bank (RDB) building  just  Near MTN center. Plot no. 225, Nyarutarama.

P.O Box:
5556, Kigali - Rwanda kigali.
+250 280580780
+250 789111451,
+250 789111457,
+250 788304588
Who we are

Highlands Suites Hotel located the heart of Kigali at Nyarutarama is a destination like no other, uniting the convenience and flexibility of a great à la carte with hotels and apartments in rwanda the serenity, warmth and boundless possibility of renowned style and rhythm. This work of art is a product of Kesi Investments.

The Highlands Suites Hotel has 36 state of the art beautifully crafted 2 bed roomed and 3 bed roomed luxury suites. As you enter the hotel, the green gardens give you a sense of arrival. The hotel stands on a hill giving the guests a tranquil view of the beauty of Kigali city. The Hotel is the ideal venue for those who wish to be centrally located but away from the traffic and noise of Kigali city.

Guests are welcomed with hotels and apartments in rwanda the smiles and personal hospitality of the 24-hour service attendant and welcoming staff.

The Highlands Lobby serves as a living room complete with hotels and apartments in rwanda lounging areas, reading areas, a spacious veranda, a chic bar and a hotel reception all decorated in soothing neutral tones with hotels and apartments in rwanda the emphasis on comfort and style Add to this the Restaurant, The Conference Center, Gym swimming pool and the multitude of facilities on offer Highlands is the ideal venue for your stay in Kigali.

with hotels and apartments in rwanda our guaranteed lowest prices in Kigali Accommodation you can feel comfortable knowing you're getting the absolute best deal. Our carefully selected portfolio of Kigali accommodation range across several categories to offer you a wide selection of hotels.

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