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Whether you are traveling for a project, last minute business, relocation or even a family vacation, an extended stay in an executive suite offers a relaxing and peaceful place to crash after a long day. Choose an executive suite rental and you'll feel like a resident rather than a traveler in this comfortable, clean, and affordable alternative to a hotel room. Enjoy the Suite Life

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Five minute drive from Kigali International Airport through Gishushu to Rwanda Development Bank (RDB) building  just  Near MTN center. Plot no. 225, Nyarutarama.

P.O Box:
5556, Kigali - Rwanda.
+250 280580780
+250 789111451,
+250 789111457,
+250 788304588


1 Bedroom Suite - $160 per day

Highlands suites hotel Rwanda This adventure safari will take you to Rwanda’s largest National Park and one Africa’s Highlands suites hotel Rwanda most popular wild-places, a natural exploration destination bisected by the Mighty Nile located 4-6hrs drive from kigali, Northwestern Rwanda. Highlands suites hotel Rwanda This park is famous for its teeming wildlife including the elephants, buffalos, leopards, lions, Rothschild’s Highlands suites hotel Rwanda giraffe, huge herds of antelopes, Nile crocodiles, rich birdlife and above all the spectacular Murchison falls Highlands suites hotel Rwanda.

Highlands suites hotel Rwanda This park offers chimpanzee trekking at a place called Kaniyo pabidi an extension of tropical Budongo forest. A launch cruise on the Nile to the bottom of the falls is Highlands suites hotel Rwandaan enticing experience while on safari, you will enjoy the stunning views along the river banks i.e. the lush green bush-land inhabited by a variety of wildlife species Highlands suites hotel Rwanda. A safari to Rwanda is incomplete without a visit to this area of great discoveries, a guided walk to the top of the thundering falls is also a must indulge by Highlands suites hotel Rwandaany discerning visitor to this park; it’s a simple hike that needs no experience Highlands suites hotel Rwanda.

cheapest hotel in Rwanda Highlands suites hotel This trekking tour will take you to one of the few surviving rain forests in East Africa,cheapest hotel in Rwanda Highlands suites hotel Kibale forest National Park, and this lush green forest canopy harbors the highest cheapest hotel in Rwanda Highlands suites hotel concentration of primate species in Africa with 13species of primates including the elusive Chimpanzees cheapest hotel in Rwanda Highlands suites hotel, Olive baboons, Varvet monkeys, Red-tailed monkey, Black and white colobus monkey, Blue monkey, cheapest hotel in Rwanda Highlands suites hotel Bush baby, Golden monkeys e.t.c.  This is so far World’s highest record of primates. On your chimp trek in this tranquil forest you cheapest hotel in Rwanda Highlands suites hotel will witness at least over 50% of these playful primates. As you approach them they will cheer you up on the trails entering their natural territory, they will parade before the intruder s cheapest hotel in Rwanda Highlands suites hotel.

Kibale also has got rich birdlife offering rare bird species such as the Rwenzori great blue tulaco and over 150 butterfly species. There is much to see and explore on this tour, Highlands suites hotel Rwanda Rwanda Safaris will make sure you have the best experience with the great apes. Activities include; chimpanzee trekking, guided walks and community walks.

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All suites come with there features:
  • Private balcony
  • Direct-dial telephone
  • 2 Well-stocked Bar
  • 2 Restaurants
  • DSTV Satellite television with LCD flat screen
  • Ecological mattresses and pillows,
  • Bathrooms featuring full-size bathtub, or showers with rain-shower head, ultra-modern washbasin, hansgrohe taps, hairdryer and shaver plugs
  • Quality bathrobes and slippers are provided for guests’ convenience
  • Garden auditorium.
  • Laundry services
  • Dedicated car park, full security.
  • Business Centre, travel desk, taxi and limousine service.
  • Conference facility and business centers.
  • 24hour security services with inbuilt cameras.
  • Health club
  • Well equipped gym
  • Sauna and steam bath
  • Massage parlow
  • Swimming pool
  • Airport pickups and drops
  • Complimentary luxury Korres natural toiletries.